East Coast Connected is a social, philanthropic, and investment hub

Toronto is home to thousands of “ex-pat” Atlantic Canadians. These people have left the East Coast to advance their careers, to pursue secondary education opportunities, to honour family commitments, or to encounter different cultural experiences than they can find in their home provinces. They never lose their love for the Atlantic region.

East Coast Connected believes that Atlantic Canadians who have moved away are still, at heart, Atlantic Canadians. More than that, we believe that they are still a valuable resource for their home provinces – whether you’re talking about investment opportunities or fundraising for your former local charity, this diverse group of people is full of passion and goodwill.

Since 2007, East Coast Connected has been a forum for discussion, dialogue, networking, and informal mentoring. We aim to take advantage of the momentum generated since our inception. How? By channeling the energy of our members into doing good work, and by reaffirming our role as a key professional networking hub for Atlantic Canadians.

Mission & Objectives

As the community hub for Atlantic Canadians living outside of their home region, East Coast Connected is committed to four primary objectives:

  • Community-building: We aim to strengthen the bonds between Atlantic Canada and Toronto by hosting social events.
  • Philanthropy: We support charities and community organizations in Atlantic Canada by hosting fundraisers and undertaking related philanthropic activities.
  • Investment: We promote sustainable economic development in Atlantic Canada through investment and the exchange of capital.
  • Professional development: We provide an unparalleled forum for professional and creative networking among individuals with a distinct connection to Atlantic Canada.

The benefits of joining the ECC community

By joining our network, we promise to keep you informed about Atlantic Canada and our modest role in helping to shape its future. You’ll be the first to learn about and gain access to East Coast Connected events, including:

  • Social Events “Sociables!”: Our regular social events offer a chance for the “ex-pat” community and their friends in Toronto to come together.
  • Networking Events: Our “Coast and Cocktails” speaker series features renowned individuals respected for their contribution to business, politics, and culture.
  • Charitable Events: We support and promote many outstanding and entertaining member-driven philanthropic events that help to raise funds for Atlantic Canadian charities, including our flagship East Coast Charity Ball and East Coast Boat Cruise events.

We are an inclusive organization: to be involved, you need not be native to Atlantic Canada – you simply must have passion for, care about, and respect the region. To be added to or removed from our distribution list contact us here. You can also follow us on our social media accounts.

Board of Directors

KaleighMacMaster_21 (1)

Kaleigh MacMaster

Director, Events


Nathan Snowie

Treasurer, Director of Finance

Bobby Hennessey

Bobby Hennessey

Director, Membership


Scott Howard



Lindsay Mulligan

Director, Marketing

Olga Koukidis

Olga Koukidis

Legal Counsel

mike prime

Michael Prime

Director, Technology

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